Craft Fair Crazies

I have been so excited since my last craft fair that I am ramping up my sewing time and creating some really fantastic things. Any spare moment I get I am at my machine trying to stock pile enough goodies to appeal to the street fair I am doing in a week and a half.


From tiny draw string bags to bigger totes I have been having a blast making some great bags.

Cheery Cherry Tote Bag

Pardon the mess that is my sewing space.

But today I want to talk to the people who have looked at my work and said “I can do that….”  Well you are absolutely right. With the right machine and enough practice any one can do what I do. I want to share with you the book that has helped me in so many ways.

sewing to sell pic

You can pick this up at amazon here

I highly recommend getting the print version because it contains paper patterns that are easier then following links to print stuff off. Just my opinion.

I have made about half of the pattern in here and each one of them is clear in direction, and the stuff I have made has been a hit. There are sections on running a business, material selection, photography, and information on selling online, at craft fairs, and in consignment. And a whole lot more that I cant think of.

I really want to encourage people to dive into their creativity. I am by no means a master seamstress, but the only think keeping me from being one is the number of hours I sit at my machine. That is the only think that keeps you from doing what you want too, hours of practice.

So if you like to sew, holler at me in the comment section. And if you are interested in doing what I do then I do recommend checking out that book by Virginia Lindsey and let your imagination run wild.

Until next time,

Foul Mouthed Martha

News From The Shop

So it has been six months since I opened up this site and still nothing on it. It is so hard trying to figure out what to write. Im not sure what you, my loyal fans, really want to hear from me. So if you have ideas or suggestions, please put them in the comment section below.


I figured I would use this as a news section, new happenings in the wonderful world of recycled fabric and mayhem that is Foul Mouthed Martha!

First, we are inches (so close) to having a fully functional sewing studio in what use to be my bedroom. I have a general sewing machine, a sewing/embroidery machine combo, and a serger now in my possession! I am trying to make space for one more desk and we will have everything set up in one space. It is a tiny and disorganized space, but it is mine. And it is where I find my zen.


There is something about sewing that takes all of your attention. When I am sewing I don’t have to worry about petty thoughts because I am preoccupied. I suppose it is the same way gamers feel.

But back to life in my shop! I have been busy making a lot of new things, and some new project requests as well. Don’t forget, I am totally down for collaborating and making you your own piece of Foul Mouthed Martha.

iphone pics 128

This is a totally amazing cloche hat made with rayon. It switches between yellows and reds in the sun.

cheshire front

This cute number found a forever home with a friend in Canada.


An embroidered autism awareness ribbon for a personal note book of mine. A girl has to make things for herself every once in a while.


One of the many fun embroideries that I get to create on my killer machine!

These are just a small sampling of some of the creative fun I get to do every day. Don’t forget to follow me over on Facebook and check out my small but growing Etsy shop!

Thanks for stopping in!

Foul Mouthed Martha