Shop Update October 2016

It seems like I only post on here once or twice a year, but I would like to make a better habit of it. Just to let the world know what it is like to try and start a business from the bottom up. I had hoped my rise to fashion accessory stardom would be quicker, but like wine, I am sure this will get better with age.

So a little on what has been going on since my last blog post. My craft fair was a flop. I guess you get what you put into it, I didn’t have to pay for my booth so it was free publicity, but I put a lot of money into making items that didn’t sell. It was a wakeup call of sorts. Craft fairs really aren’t the way to build a business. Some people do well doing it, but I just don’t think it is for me at this point in time. There is a lot of gamble with what you will make, and I DID have some online and in person sales  because of how much I was promoting it on Facebook.

My focus now is going to be my online store. There is a lot more to do than just make the product when it comes to selling online. There is the photo shoot (not a super great photographer), the editing (I have zero skills in that), and writing the listing (for some reason this is the part that gives me the greatest anxiety). Basically, I need to do a bunch of stuff I’m not super great at in order to move my business forward. I guess that is my first business lesson.

So I have done all of the above and have about twenty items in my store now. If you want to take a look at it, use the link here. I have heard that one hundred items is the amount to shoot for, so I have a bit to go. However I feel good about my accomplishments so far. It is hard to put my items out there, fearing that something is going to go wrong or someone isn’t going to like it once the item is in their hands. I prefer craft fairs for that reason alone. Getting over my fear of rejection could be business lesson number two.

I have also started reading a book by Sophia Amoruso called #Girllboss. If you want to check out the book, click here. While aimed at female entrepreneurs I think this book would be great for any woman to read. It is really good so far, most of what I have read is how she got her start, but she talks about the value of having shitty jobs and doing the best you can at them. Be an expert on something. Well, I’m not exactly sure where my expertise is but I know I am on my way.

While I don’t enjoy the writing aspect, I also want to toy around with doing tutorials. Personally, I would rather teach someone how to make something for themselves then I would to sell them a single item. I know that isn’t the way a good business is run though. So in the future look for a new page dedicated to tutorials.

I have a lot of ideas on where to take Foul Mouthed Martha, but I am still in the process of fleshing out those ideas. Not all will work, but I know if I keep trying one idea will finally stick. Thanks again for reading and as always, if you have a comment or suggestion I would love some feedback.


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  1. If you put time and effort to create products for the craft fair, showed up, set up, and worked there all day it was not a flop. If nothing else you created things with your own two hands that didn’t exist before and you gained experience. Those two things are more valuable than money itself. You’re doing great, keep believing in yourself.


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