What’s New Pussycat??


What’s good Foul Mouthed Fans? So much is new in the world of Foul Mouthed Martha it is hard to know where to start.


First I should start by saying I really want to make a consistent effort to be posting on here. I think once a week is a good stretch for me, but not being overly obnoxious about how much crap I post. There is a fine balance with self promotion, and I hope to ride that line with my customers.

So the Foul Mouthed Martha studio is expecting a new addition any day now! I have my eye on an embroidery only machine that has a 6″x 10″ embroidery field. There is a review for the machine here. The machine I have now has a 4″x 4″ field. I am super excited about this, but I am holding myself to not bringing in the new machine until I have found a home for my old machine. I only have so much room in my studio and I own a fine stable of sewing machines as it is. But regardless, I will soon be able to offer custom embroidery. So keep an eye out for an expanding line, or possibly a whole new shop opening up. It’s gonna be a game changer!


Custom work has been the name of the game lately. Between Pussy Hats, various other headwear, and a monkey diaper bag I am finding my customers are as varied as my interests. It is always fun collaborating with people to make something perfect for them. Look for a gallery of my custom work to be showing up on the website soon. And as always, contact me in the comments, or at maker@foulmouthedmartha.com to work on something unique for you.


That leads me into my work on my website here. You may have noticed I changed some things up. For the most part I use this site as a blog, but I am working on utilizing the features WordPress offers to give the site more user friendly and maximize my investment. I pay for the domain, might as well make the most of it. I am not a web designer, and it is the 2nd furthest thing from my skill set, but I am trying! I want to add reviews, tutorials, and a place to highlight the artists that inspire me. I have some ideas. How they translate into real life will be an interesting process to say the least. I thought I had figured out how to get a email sign up thing to pop up on my website. I was wrong. My learning curve is steep on this one.

Thanks for being the best fans in the world. If it wasn’t for you I would just be sitting in a bigger pile of projects than I already am! For the month of February I am offering 25% off anything in my store with the coupon code LOVE25. Love all you bitches.



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