“While I am not entirely sure where I am going, I know I am on my way there.” – Foul Mouthed Martha

Why do I create and sell accessories? On this very important date I feel the urge to tell you why I do any of this at all.


This is my wonderful 6ft tall 14 year old son. Morgan is a delightful loving 14. Morgan also has classic autism.

Morgan will probably never live on his own. Morgan will always need help with daily living. Right now he is in school, but in a few short years he will age out of the school system. He will probably also be moving on to an adult family home or some other shared and supported living arrangement.



This birthday has me thinking more about my son’s future than any other birthday to date. All parents are concerned about their child’s future. And many parents support their children into adulthood. But Morgan will never be self sufficient and will always rely on me.

As in most circumstances, the responsibility for his BIG FUTURE rests mostly on my shoulders. Yes he will get supplementary income for the rest of his life, but that is under $800 a month. I want my child to have a better life than that.


So I wash and I iron. I cut and embroider. I baste and I sew. I photograph and I list. I hope and I pray that one day the effort put forth will be rewarded monetarily so I can provide for myself and my son.

I desire to provide a level of comfort in my life that I can not do with an ordinary job. I can not work full time with his level of care. I do work part time at a chain fabric store. It is nice and I am starting to teach classes (another passion). It provides a level of comfort that is not available when living on assistance alone. But I desire more for the future of my child.

So I hustle my listings and I pimp my products in hopes that one day I can not worry about the BIG FUTURE.

Oh sure, I love creating things. I love embroidery and the pop that it gives a drab piece of fabric. I really hope that one day Foul Mouthed Martha will be the face lift modern sewing needs! I have motivators from other places, but they all pale in comparison to my 6 foot something young man.


This face is why Foul Mouthed Martha exists. This young man’s future is my WHY.



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